Shaun Luyt

Business Consultant | Residential Property Rentals

I started my real estate career in New Zealand in 2000.

I’ve worked almost exclusively in the residential property rentals field, both in New Zealand and South Africa, since around 2004 in various roles, including rental agent, rental manager and a business partner in a residential real estate office.

My last management role, before becoming an independent consultant to the rental industry, was as the Rental Operations Manager for the Harcourts Maynard Burgoyne Group, which managed the 2nd largest residential property rental portfolio within Harcourts South Africa.

I now focus exclusively on rental agent training and working with rental agents and agencies to develop and implement best practice and fully compliant rental procedures to minimise the risk of non-compliance, improve efficiency and productivity and help the company and all team members manage more rental properties, and make more money.

You can view my full career history on my LinkedIn Profile.

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