Rental Applications 101 – GETTING ALL THE INFORMATION You Need AND Ensuring Applicants Understand Your APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS & CRITERIA

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This is Part 1 of a 2 part series on Rental Applications.

Part 1 includes:

  • a sample rental application form
  • 1 pre-written rental application guideline template for applicants
  • 1 pre-written rental application covering email template
  • 29 individual, short training videos on specific topics related to Rental Application Forms & Guidelines – totalling 150+ minutes of specialised online training. You can access the videos in any order you like.

PLEASE NOTE: The course includes downloadable **PDF versions** of the document templates mentioned above

**Editable Word Versions of all Documentation is available for purchase – see below**

Once you have completed this training you will know . . .

  • WHY it’s important that applicants understand your application criteria & requirements and HOW to ensure they do
  • WHAT information you should be asking for and HOW to get it all
  • WHAT permissions you need from applicants to do the necessary checks and HOW to get them
  • WHY you should send out a copy of your ‘Standard’ Lease Terms & Conditions with the Application Form
  • WHY it makes sense to include requests for Special Conditions and changes to your ‘standard’ Lease Terms and Conditions in your Rental Application Form
  • The SAMPLE APPLICATION FORM and GUIDELINES for APPLICANTS that I use in the training, as well as an EMAIL TEMPLATE to use to send out rental application forms & lease terms and conditions.

In Part 2 of the this series we will be looking in detail at how to evaluate Rental Applications thoroughly, as well as how to ensure constant communication to keep all parties up to date.

You can view Part 2 of this series at Rental Applications 102: Best Practices for the Processing & Screening of Prospective Tenant Applications.

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This series (part 1 & part 2) form part of The Online Residential Property Rentals Business & rental Team Development Programme. To enrol your office and/or your Team Members in this programme click here.

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