RENTAL APPLICATIONS 102: Best Practices for the Processing & Screening of Prospective Tenant Applications

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tenant applciations

This is Part 2 of a 2 part series on Rental Applications.

It is suggested that you first complete part 1 – Rental Applications 101 – GETTING ALL THE INFORMATION You Need AND Ensuring Applicants Understand Your APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS & CRITERIA

This course includes:

  • 31 individual, short training videos on specific topics related to Rental Application Forms & Guidelines – totalling 150+ minutes of expert training.
  • 1 documented, compliant and best practice procedure, or checklist, on how to evaluate rental applications
  • 3 pre-written landlord communication templates, including notifying landlord/s of receipt of an application, a screening report template for keeping landlord’s updated, and a template for drafting a rental application recommendation to the landlord/s
  • 4 pre-written templates for communicating with applicants, including acknowledgement of receipt of an application, communications regarding incomplete applications, updates regarding applications, notification of successful and unsuccessful applications

Once you have completed this training you will know . . .

  • the importance of understanding your Rental Mandate – specifically your contracted rental application processing activities
  • why FICA must be included as the very first step of the rental application vetting process
  • understand what the Rental Housing Act stipulates about discrimination with respect to rental application processing
  • Best Practice Guidelines and Recommended Service Level and Communication Standards to ensure that all parties are kept up to date and its importance
  • exactly how to process and vet rental applications, step by step, including questions to ask references and employers, and recommended checks to do on references and employer
  • how to draft a Landlord Screening Report & Recommendation, and the information to include with the recommendation
  • how to communicate with both successful and unsuccessful applicants – including the importance of approving applications conditional on them satisfying some requirements
  • how to deal with queries as to why an application was unsuccessful
  • how to deal with self-employed, contract employment and other non-salaried applicants

You can view Part 1 of this series at Rental Applications 101 – GETTING ALL THE INFORMATION You Need AND Ensuring Applicants Understand Your APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS & CRITERIA.

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