Rental Leaders Focus Group

The Rental Leaders Focus Group is an exclusive, membership based Focus Group for:

  • Residential Property Rental Business Owners
  • Principals &
  • Rental Managers.

You can self-subscribe online.

The focus of this group will be to assist Rental Leaders with exclusive user-driven & members-only practical advice, share information amongst members and collaborate as we all . . .

‘Re-Invent Rentals’ for the Ever-Evolving ‘New Normal’

I’m convinced we will not be going back to the ‘Old Normal’ (at least not in the foreseeable future, if ever!) – rental agencies that want to survive and prosper in these challenging time will need to ‘Adapt or Die’.

The membership is based on a recurring, monthly subscription per member, which I have attempted to make as affordable as possible to enable as many Rental Leaders as possible to participate . . .

I look forward to seeing you ‘on the other side’ where we will strive to ‘Re-Design Property Rentals’ together for the ‘New Normal’ . . .

Rental Leader Focus Group Members will also be eligible for 25% member only discounts on:

  • Rental Team Training
  • Individual Training
  • Document Packs
  • Consulting & Advisory Services
  • Other products & services